Subject: Greenfield setlist and review
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 91 12:21:27 -0500

Hey Phriends!

  The show at Greenfield last night totally incredible!  A lot of great things
happened, but we'll start with the basics:

Phish -- Greenfield Amory Castle -- 12/5/91

Hall and Solice
Split open and Melt!!
Ya Mar
Bathtub Gin
It's Ice

Mike's Groove
Squirming Coil
I Didn't Know (fast version)
My Sweet One
Tweezer (Reprise)

E: Glide

  I can't say enough about this show!  The Ya Mar -> Fluffhead in the first set
reminded me of Amy's Farm this summer.  The Melt was nice... I hadn't seen it
for a while and this one was really rockin!  Two of my favorites (Sloth and
Foam) kept the 2nd set going strong!
  The venue itself was pretty good.  Getting in was a pain.  We all had to stan
outside in the freezing cold for about 20 minutes while they let people in 15 o
20 at a time.  I guess this is understandable considering the size of the lobby
but it was COLD -- and there were people wearing shorts!
  Inside was a pretty big room (about the size of Barre I guess).  There was
food (vegie-chili, salad, rolls, popcorn, and soda) on the left, and some
tables.  The stage was kind-of behind an arch -- most of the lights came from
the back, and the sound was GREAT!
  It was really nice to see a show so close to home, because I saw about 50
people I knew and got just as many hugs! :-)
  The only bummer about the show that I could see was that people up front were
slamming a lot.  Now I don't mind a good slam during BFFCFM, but these folks
were bashing one another during Squirming Coil!  I heard two people even got
into a phist phight :-(   This is not the kind of thing I like to see at Phish
  The pre-show festivities at my place were cool.  Only 2 net.heads (Rich Fromm
and Katie Joynt) made it, but we had fun.  Some local Amherst friends of mine
were here too, so we all had a good time.  Katie read us all a beautiful poem
called "Twas the night before Phish-mas".  It was truly a work of art: words an
pictures.  At about 6:45 we headed over, and despite losing Rich on the way to
the venue (oops!) we all managed to get there!
  After the show, Katie and I went downstairs so she give the poem to Trey.
Net.heads Jack Carson, Allison Smith, and Matt Laurence were all on-hand.  He
apparently liked it a lot and gave Katie a big hug!  Yay Katie!  Now, if this
wasn't enough to make the night perfect, JP gave me the analog masters of the
shows from Paul's deck at the soundboard!!  He said I could take 'em as long as
I give them to Page the next night -- guess I'm going to Middlebury!  :-)  The

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From: Hayduke lives! <>
Subject: Greenfield, MA
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1991 20:07 EST

I think that John Greene pretty well summed up the Phish show at Greenfield,
but I'll throw in my own two cents worth of stories:

Yes, there WAS a phish phight!  I was almost knocked over by the two grappling
assholes!  It all started with these two guys who wanted to slam dance.  They
did, knocking into everyone who was trying to enjoy the show.  It really  
sucked for the rest of us, because we'd be swaying to some slow, mellow  
part of a song, grooving to the melodic strains when suddenly you'd get  
shoved twenty feet to your left by these people.  Well, I managed to migrate
to my left enough so that I felt only a little push and shove now and then.
But clearly *SOMEONE* decided that he'd had enough.  Next thing I knew, there
was a huge melee (a note:  the first punch was thrown just as Trey sang, "He
sliced through the air and Fee hit the deck..."  No joke.)  Or rather, there
were these people wrestling on the ground, at each others throats, knocking
everyone in a 30' radius over.  A few members of the crowd got in behind
(NEVER get between two people who are fighting...) the participants and  
pulled them apart.  Thank the Lord that enough people had level heads, or
there could have been a disaster (although, what better place to have a  
disaster than an ARMORY).  The question is, what do you do about selfish
assholes who only care about themselves, who want to have their own good
time--fuck everyone else, who have no empathy or consideration for the  
other people around them who are trying to experience the music?  Shoot 'em?

There were a few neat things that they did during their songs:  First, the
vocal jam (a short one) was in That Far Gone.  Very well done and interesting.
Second, the beginning of Weekapaug Groove was done a little differently.  it
sounded a little like the bass interlude of "Bonin' in the Boneyard" (Fishbone)
with breaks for Mike to go nuts and chords on the downbeat.  Finally, I thought
that the solo in Oh, Possum was probably the greatest that I've heard.  The
build was really intense and the lighting complimented it perfectly.

Lastly, at the encore, the band came out with these long poles that had  
numbers on the top.  The numbers were (and I'm not really sure about this)
3, 10, 12 and 14.  They said nothing.  They just stood there with them for a
few seconds and then put them down and played.  Mike's and Trey's numbers
fell over after about 20s.  What were those?!?!



From: "Dave Barker (" <>
Subject: Greenfield
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1991 21:41 EST

Wow!  This was my first Phish concert since I really started listening to them
and it was definitely no disappointment.  I've got nothing in particular to add
to the already posted reviews, except to say that it was pretty wild to see themat a military academy.  The outside of the building looked like a small castle
which was really cool, but the room itself was basically a big gym with a stage.
Right before the show, after we has finally made it in from the cold, I was
hanging out in the lobby and there was this funny looking little dude chowing
down on a bowl full of stir fried veggies -- Fishman!  Pretty cool.

The concert was amazing, as you can see from the setlist.  Trampolines,
strobe lights, the vacuum...  Fluffhead and Mike's Groove stood out as amazing
songs.  I came with a large number of friends from school, and there are  
definitely a few new converts out there now.

John Greenman mentioned that there seemd to be a slamming around going on up
front and even a fight, which I was unfortunately right in the middle of.  It
seems that one dude in the crowd had gone a little overboard in terms of
artificial phun enhancement, if you know what I mean, and was basically rowdy
as well as semi-functional.  So after a while people got annoyed at being
crashed into, and his friends escorted him off after a little scuffle.  Not  
that big a deal really but still not that cool.

                        - Dave.  (a.k.a. fluffhead,

Reality is a sandwich I did not order - Zippy the Pinhead


From: "

Some comments on Greenfield:

Fun show, although I was quite a bit tired by the time I completed the 2 hour
drive home through the snow after the show.  I still am at a loss to explain
why it took so long to get in.  It was REALLY cold outside, and somehow I think
they could have done a better job of expediting the entrance.  They weren't  
searching people at all, so all the delay was caused by taking your ticket,
ripping it in half, and stamping your hand.  Nice to have hot food once inside,
(maybe the wait in the cold was really a marketing ploy); good food, albeit
a little pricey.  It was a bit weird seeing a Phish show in an armory, with

but my main criteria in evaluating a venue is how good the sound is and is th
there enough room to dance around, and Greenfield was fine on those counts.
As for phish-slamming, I guess I can tolerate it during BBFCFM, but that's
about all.  If you really want to move all over the place dancing (as I do
sometimes) go towards the rear of the venue where there's plenty of room so
that you won't be slamming into other people who may or may not appreciate it.
Mike usually doesn't show too much expression onstage, but he really seemed to
be getting into things and having a good time during Foam and Mike's Groove.
Maybe he was a bit unusually un-responsive lately because he was sick.  At  
one point he repeated lifted his quitar up in the air just by the strings,
and then he plucked them and let go, having his guitar drop and be caught by
and then he plucked them and let go, having his guitar drop and be caught by
the strap.  He looked like he was having a lot of fun doing this, and it made
a pretty loud bass sound.  Trey, as usual, looked like he was having as much
fun and excitement as a kid let loose in a candy store.

Does anybody have a copy of N2O or Fuck Your Face on tape?  I'm a bit intrigued
by these song titles, and I'd love to hear what the songs sound like.

Small net gathering at John's, but fun nonetheless.

- Rich