Subject: 11-24-91 DARTMOUTH Disection

Hey folks,
	Small is the word.Accoustics were good
but totally intimate with bout est.200-300 people.(I've always wondered how
you accurately estimate crowds,I only have ten fingers)Things really began
to shape up during coil where Page set just the sweetest piano.Then
It's Ice(does any one else visualize cracks just shoting through an ice
cube in a glass of water when Trey play's th opening?)kept a steady grove
into I didn't know.As you heard the crew got there bath robe's while
Fisman played the longest Highhat intro into Bowie.(They also invited
the crowd to blow their noses on John P. and Chris's as they were passed
back.)After the robes the band screwed round with O-man still high hating
when Trey hit's these Three notes the band Immediately breaks out in
this mentaly unstable laughter,and with ado then came the most mellow
version of David Bowie ever known to fauna kind.They get through the
opener and then in the first Jam Trey drops the usual and does this
repeated lick that is beyond description but very cool.End of first set
and I was dumbstruct and thirsty.
     2nd set kept the mellow mode,for divided sky had to wait seconds
for silence and he was pleased.Fishman get's a splinter and to show he
will survive lays down the heaviest base drum into Caverns.(not that has
any thing to do with his fingers but he could almost still keep time.)
A great jam for everybody in Chalkdust then the smoothest A-train then
and I'm going to say it (and maybe regret it) the best You Enjoy Myself
ever.(now,now,hear it before I hear bout other's)agian to hard to describe,
just it went from ultra quiet guitar&piano solos to explosions and the voice
jam it seemed they just didn't want to stop.
  Enchore had the no mike rendishon(sp.) of Sweet Adaline where they stuck
it to chris then rocky top.
    Why am I bothering to write this?For the same reason your still
reading.Go ahead see another show better than this one,I dare you.The
great thing is I know you'll find it.Real soon.(I'm Looking too)
set I:Sloth,Hall&Solice,Stash,Squirming Coil,Landlay,Fluffhead(!),
Sparkle,It's Ice,Didn't Know,(bathrobe dedication),David Bowie.
set II:Tube,Divided Sky,Caverns,Mango Song,Chalkdust Torture,A-Train,
Y.E.M.,Golgi.  E:Sweet Adaline(Memories?),Rocky Top.
    I'll be looking at Portsmouth,hope to see you looking TOO!