From: Carl Anderson 

        Well, I think Rich pretty much said it all but I'll add my $0.02
anyway.  Trey did indeed arrive at Mike's Pizza, and at first I did not  
recognize him with the buzz-cut.  I was thinking to myself, "Gee! that guy
looks almost like Trey ..."  When someone else grabbed me and said "THAT"S
TREY!"   So Shelly went over and spoke with him while the rest of us kinda
peered across the restaurant making silly faces and waving like maniacs.
When Shelly returned she announced that Trey was doing an interview (where
will that appear, I wonder?) or some such, but promised to come say hi to
us when it was done.  So I gamely sat there, resisting the urge to go get
on line at the Theatre, until he popped over.
        He seemed highly bewildered by our presence, but pleased at the
same time.  He eventually wandered off clutching a bag of chicken sandwiches
which he claimed were "great".

        First set was hot.  I didn't know half the songs so I won't post a
list either.  What I am given to understand was the "Mike's Groove" medley
was amazing.  I had forgotten what a transcendant experience a Phishshow
could be.  And this is only my third.  Second set was also excellant, though
less transporting than the first.  I was pleased to hear "Tweezer", which
they played at the first two shows I went to, and I find it an absurdly
pleasing song.  The a cappella "Memories" & "Sweet Adeline" and the end
were really neat, and were followed by a ripping "Golgi Apparatus".
        I hope Pandion made it out to Riverside after the show and didn't
get stranded in Park Street Station.  Further on this note:  If anyone
is going to a Boston/Cambridge area show in the future and needs crash space
let me know, since I got some room on the floor - I've fit at least 2
people on it previously and could probably fit more if need be.

        There it is pretty much.  Look forward to Dartmouth on Sunday!