Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 01:09:35 EST From: To: Subject: 11-1-91 This show is important to me casue it was right after I had been busted for pot at my college. That's why I loved Stash so much I must thank the other reviewer of this show for requesting that song. This was the first Tweezer for me and it rocked. Really fun jam and I was blown away when they did the reprise cause I had no idea they did that. Great way to close the second set. Harry Hood was a blast and the Mike's Song>H2O>Weekapaug was fun especially for the strobes and smoke. I loved how Trey would swing his guitar around in the during the strobe lights and make such weird sounds. I have to admit I miss the small venues for this band cause some of their antics just don't come across as surreal on a large stage. A great realease after a terrible Halloween where my college career was in turmoil. D'OH!!!!
From: Richard Stern Subject: 11-1-91 Story time: Gothic story: We were right up against the stage in front of Trey. When they got back into places after the vacuum stuff, I yelled "Stash" up to Trey. He looked at the others and said "Stash?". They agreed. He stepped up to his mic and said "This next one is a request. Yes we do requests. And it was requested by these guys up front who are members of the, which is a computer group for people to talk about us". We were really suprised! I guess Page must have said something to Trey on break about us. Anyway, it was pretty damn cool, and Stash was smoking!! This was show was excellent!! It really cooked from beginning to end. *************************************************************************** 11/1/91 Gothic Theater, Denver, CO I: AC/DC Bag, Sparkle, Landlady -> Destiny Unbound, Squirming Coil, Split Open and Melt, Fluffhead, Uncle Pen, Tube, Divided Sky, Sweet Adeline (a capella) II: Tweezer, My Sweet One, It's Ice, Chalkdust Torture, (mellow instrumental), Mike's Song -> I Am Hydrogen -> Weekaparg Groove, Take the A-train, Tela, Cavern, Poor Heart -> Tweezer reprise Enc: Hold Your Head -> Love You (vacuum) -> Pusher Man, Stash notes: 1) Killer trampolines and strobe lights during Mike's Song 2) Pusher Man riff instead of Hold Your Head after Love You. Trey explained that Hold Your Head became the Henrietta theme because Fishman hates that song. They ended with the Pusher Man riff tonight because Fishman likes that song.