From: Kent Stewart  
Subject: 10-13-91

The Surf Club was a very narrow, long building which had the effect of
making the crowded floor seem very intimate. The stage was so narrow
that Henrietta's drums were set up behind Trey and Mike, rather than
to the side as usual.  Having played the comparatively cavernous  
Roseland Theatre the night before, Trey really seemed to be getting
off on having everybody right in his lap paying such rapt attention.
I think that the intimacy of the room was a large reason he was
inspired to go on the Gamehendge rap.

It was excellent to hear all of those Gamehendge songs strung together
with narration, like we were all taking a journey together through the
music. Just as this crowd seemed more accessable to the band, this was
the closest I had seen the band in my handfull of shows, and Trey seemed
really psyched. He was having a wonderful time.

In addition to Gamehendge, highlights for me were a smoking Reba, my
very first Bathtub Gin (one of my favorite tunes) a surprize Jesus Left
Chicago and the barbershop quartet final encore. (At Portland the night
before they had opened the show with the quartet, and the asshole crowd
talked through the whole thing 8-(. )