Subject: Madison, WI 10-4-91

Man....I tell you....Madison, WI is *THE* place to see Phish.  This really cool
movie theatre called the Barrymore.  WOW!!!!!!  WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!

I was rendered completely speechless after the first set.  I'll have to figure
out some sort of setlist, something which I can't do right this sec.

First of all, the band is so much tighter than I ever remember them being.  
They really work together well.  They have been working on new jams or
something, because they took songs places I've never heard them go before.  For
example, Trey's solo in Divided Sky.  I have NEVER heard him go off as insanely
and for as long as he did at that show.  He went places I never thought
possible!  Paige gave quite a contribution too on several tunes.  Caverns has
been sounding good lately. Oh...and there was a Suzy that never ended with
solos and jams (I think I can hear when the jams are written and when they are
improvised.  I'm not positive, but I feel like I have some sort of sense of it
from seeing them so many times.) like I've never heard in my life.  I have
NEVER danced with such intensity!!   

All in all it was a great show.  :-)