From: Ryan Stroud

show is the 7-18-91 show at the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH. 
Thanks to Rob Tillberg for the tapes.  Thanks to me for reveiwing it. 
Thanks to you for saying nice things encouraging me to do this sort of
thing again.  :)  Hint...Hint. 

   Anyway, on to the show:  Setlist is as follows:

Set I:  Chalkdust, Foam, Runaway Jim, Guelah Papyrus, Suzie Greenberg,
Stash, A-Train, Cavern, Mike's>> Hydrogen>> Weekapaug.

Set II:  Llama, Reba, Poor Heart, SOAMelt, Lizards, Landlady, I Didn't
Know, Possum,

    Encore:  Alumni Blues

   Onward and upward!!

    Chalkdust:  Opened the show in a very hot fashion with Trey leading
the way.  This version is nothing out of the ordinary, except I tend to
beleive Trey's solo is above and beyond any other C-Dust I had heard at
this time.  It was a nice solo, with a lot of peaks, and not so many
valleys...sorta Balls-To- The-Wall.  A nice opener.

   Foam: Was a little on the slow boring side.  I'm not a giant fan of
this tune, and if they retired it, I wouldn't mind.  Even at this early
stage, it was boring.  Trey is still rocking the boat.  Page is nowhere
to be found.  This wasn't a particularly good show for him (imo).  It
filled the slot in the setlist.  Enough Said.

   Runaway Jim:  Was awesome.  They got this song up and moving in a
hurry, and there was alot of imagery in the music.  While the jam
segment wasn't extra long, it was extra intense, and had extra energy. 
The most amusing (confusing) part of this Jim is all the crowd noise.  I
kept hearing "Sir you have to stop."  And a whole lot of "Fuck You's" 
That confused me, but alas, my answer would come in:

   Guelah:  This version was tighter than versions I've heard recently. 
They were locked in, at least as much as you can be locked in with
Guelah.  Overall, it was tight, but didn't move as fast or as furious as
Jim.  The answer to my confusion came after Guelah when the manager of
the Casino went up on stage and said.  "I'm going to have to ask you all
to stop dancing and jumping around.  We have had complaints from the
people underneath you in the arcade."  That drew a roar from the crowd. 
Trey responded with "Sure, no-one touch the floor...everyone dance on
your chair, in fact, we'll have a contest.  The best chair dancer wins a
prize...a date with Fish."  Fish replies: "Yeah we'll go play downstairs
in the arcade."  Humorous to say the least.

   Suzie:  Kicked hot and fast, faster than most of the 91's.  All of
the sudden, "Ladies and gentlemen, the guys in the pink tuxes, GCH!!" 
The horns came in with reckless abandon, sparking the energy of the
band, and the song ripped.  Even if it is mysogynistic. (smirking)  :)

   Stash:  Had more horn involvement than other Stash versions.  The
ending in particular was cluttered with horns ablaze.  Carl Gerhardt is
the man.  

   A-Train:  From what I can hear, this is my favorite A-Train.  The
horns ripped the hell out of the composed section, and the changes
provide a little more for the horns to work with.  Overall, this may be
the reason to seek out this tape, along with the Alumni Blues and Mike's

   Cavern:  Was Cavern.  I appreciate the horns at the end.  It's a
pretty cool lick, but after the first 32 times I've heard it, it has not
the same effect.

   Mike's Gruv:  Was splendid.  The Truth was ON in this version.  He
found the pocket and layed into it.  Listen particualrly to the
descending licks by Trey near the end.  The horns add so much to this
song, they make the jam darker, and MUCH more textured.  Not an all time
version by any means, but nice enough to listen to for the solos. 
Seamless transition into H2.  This was a standard Hydrogen.  Not much to
comment on...very peaceful and stuff.  Weekapaug lets Mike say a few
words about chromatics.  He is all over the place.  Pounding all sorts
of tri-tonal chords.  Wierd stuff, but cool as all heck :)  The ending
of Weekapaug is really fast, and Trey and Page play a lot of notes. 
Just thought I'd share.  Set closes with Trey saying:  "We'll be back in
fifteen minutes...don't fall through the floor."

   Set II:

   Llama:  Was well contained.  Fast, but not as fast as they've tried
to pull of recently.  This song works well when it is played at a
reasonable clip.  I hate when they fly through it so fast that they are
all playing catch up.  The jamming is nice, with Trey leading the way in
his polytonal long notes.  Even without the speed, he manages to create
a nice swell.  The ending was as tight as I can remember it ever being. 
Digga digga digga digga dig-gah dunt.  Was sweet.

   Reba:  Was at a comfy clip.  Nothing zany.  The fugue and composed
section were flawless.  Trey's solo is gorgeous, playful and sweet.  The
whistling was nice too, but this started to go downhill from here.  The
second set (post Reba) was dirty.  Not very tight.

   Poor Heart:  Started the dirt.  The whole beggining was blown, with
Fish forgetting to play, Mike singing off key, and the tempo dragging
along.  Trey's solo was lame-o.  Almost note for note off the album. 
Not very good.

   SOAMelt:  Was nice.  Mike took care of business in the beggining. 
This appears to me as one of Trey's most eclectic works.  The chord
progressions are wacky, and you can hear that!!  The horns add a nice
touch.  Ending is blown, which ruins the whole tune.  Dah dah dunt.  Was
more like fub flak boing.  What a bummer.

   Lizards:  What can I say, Trey blew his solo in the middle section. 
Page however comes out to play for this tune.  Otherwise, if youv'e
heard one 7-91 lizard, you've heard em' all.

   Landlady:  Completley fucked!!  Almost abandoned.  Gerhardt was
soloing, and Fish played the big final hit...but Trey didn't play the
final lick.  It freaked out everyone, except Gears, who kept playing the
same note until everyone decided it was O.K. to come in.  Ending was
there though.  They are lucky they made it through that one.  FWIW, I
dig the groove in this tune. 

   I.D.K.  Was cool, with the horn introductions, and the fourth member
of the GCH, Henrietta on vacuum.  Trey is funny during the
introductions.  (You love him for the grease in his hair, Russell
"Killer"  Remington.)  Ha.  Trey you kidder.

   Possum:  Saved this set.  They were in the pocket hardcore.  Everyone
had their chance to solo, and the vocals were unmatched.  This tune is
awesome, and they did it severe justice tonight.  Possibly my all time
favorite.  Especially with horns.

   Enc:  Alumni Blues:  What can I say.  This tune should be
un-shelved.  It rocks.  Especially with the horns.  A nice encore, and
another set saver.  

    Well, this show is nice, especially the first set and the end and
beggining of the second set.  The middle of the second set is
frightening.  Perhaps they were in another *state* at the time.  Perhaps
not.  Oh well.  I'm going to try and get this show weeded before the end
of the summer.  I'm going to try and get an upgrade on my second tape
though.  Umm, please give me feedback.  Thanks for playing.  As always,
take care, and help out your local newbie.